Director reels

Alexander Zoltai/Director - McDonald's World Wide 2018

Alexander Zoltai/Director - All Eyes North

BLK WLF/Stills, Furthermore Productions/Post - Traditional Medicinals - The Power of Dandelions

Alexander Zoltai /Director - McDonald's Worldwide

Alexander Zoltai /Director - GiveMN

Alexander Zoltai /Director - Uponor

Alexander Zoltai/Director/Coffee test

BLK WLF/Director/Traditional Medicinals Stop Motion

BLK WLF/Director/Herbal Hot Chocolate

Alexander Zoltai/Director - On Belay/Kentucky

Alexander Zoltai/Director/ Agriculture reel

Alexander Zoltai/Director/Pond Hockey

Alexander Zoltai/Director - Bauer Hockey

BLK WLF Turmeric Tonic Mockarita

Alexander Zoltai/Director/compilation